experimenting with process


My favorite days in my studio are the days that I let myself just follow and instinct to see how a process develops.  I had a few orders to take care of and I wanted to do some experimenting.  I completed the wallets for a charming shop in Barnstable, Mass called—Mosees.  Sorry, Maura I have owed you these for a long time and I will ship today.  But, then I looked at the pile of leathers all over my studio and wanted to find a way to play with the loads of browns I have.  So, I started painting, distressing and sealing them. I love the architectural, archeological quality of how this bracelet turned out.  It’s not a look for everyone.  It’s a little brutal, which I happen to love.  More to follow in this direction.


My studio today…

Lillibridge, wallet before

Lillibridge, wallet after

I am preparing some wallets to go to a lovely shop in Barnstable, Mass. I found this one—never used, tags still on that unzips with lots of pockets, big enough for phone, passport a thin sandwich or whatever you need to put in your large zippered wallet. I did some leather tooling on it and then painted and distressed for an edgier look. Here’s the before and after for what its worth.


A Purple Wallet—A Makeover

purple wallet before, Lillibridge, Dakota 1966

Painted Leather Wallet Before/After

I am preparing an order of hand painted wallets for a great shop on Main Street in Barnstable, Mass—Mosees. Here is one of my projects. I love how the paint goes into the grooves and updates this type of leather.