the epidemiology of LACK…

Researching the epidemiology of LACK hasn’t been an easy process…necessary, but not easy by any measure.

When I’m feeling less than, envious of others, or deserving of something I desire I tell myself I have a bad case of LACK or THE LACKS.

When LACK comes on (more often than I care to admit) I can notice (most of the time) that it’s my EGO & not my TRUE SELF in the emotional driver’s seat.

My EGO has road rage, cuts people off, and blames others for everything. My TRUE SELF is compassionate and lets people cut into traffic because they just might be having a really bad day.

Once I identified the annoying (and exhausting) symptoms of LACK, I wanted to lessen the impact they had on my mood. I put these steps in place.

My self-esteem comes from acknowledging ALL OF ME—warts and all. OK, Lisa, you think you’re coming down with LACK—why and what, let’s figure it out.

Ego takes the quick fix, the easy route, and chooses props, image, identity, distractions, other people’s energy, ways to self-medicate and avoid the truth.” —Melanie Tonia Evans

Sometimes the malady of LACK can feel so overwhelming I want to blow up my entire life. Other times only a small shift is required—noting what’s going well, taking a nap, or a walk to soothe the symptoms.

I guess it depends on the viral load at the time.

PS Sometimes when a case of LACK comes on, I’m given valuable insight about an issue in my life that needs to be addressed. A case of LACK isn’t always bad.

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