Simplify, Conquer & Let Go

These boots were...

This morning I woke up thinking about my desire to connect my world–people-ideas-art-perspectives and projects. I haven’t quite mapped my day, but I am thinking that my first thought in the morning will have an impact. I want to create something interesting, ready my girls for their last week of 7th grade, lend gentle structure to a 17 year old whose school year is complete and get our house in order before the Tony Awards tonight. I think I can do it. Layering these two photos of mine together was the spark I needed. I can’t truly complete it all, but I can merge some ideas, simplify, conquer and let go of some things that don’t really need my attention. And in that process something interesting may emerge. Have a great Sunday and try to let go of some things that don’t actually need your attention today!

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