Episodic Hump of Blues

Lisa Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, Drop Cloth design, leather, vermont


My family is gone and I have my days to myself now. There is a lot of work that needs to be done at home so off to the studio I go. When I arrived this morning I just fell in love (again) with my old drop cloths. No wonder I’ve kept them all—I am more than a little obsessive about them. They are LIFE to me—colorful, messy, threadbare and occasionally they have very interesting doodles or sayings or phone numbers on them. I made a bag out of this piece of drop cloth. I just couldn’t resist. I sort of remember writing this down and I guess it explains those days that we aren’t feeling awful we’re just having an…

1 thought on “Episodic Hump of Blues

  1. I used to use a canvas with a rip in it as a place to wipe excess paint off my brush or palette knife when I was oil painting. I ended up liking it more than some of my paintings. Your bag is cute, the close up by the handle looks covered in kisses. Aside from the undesirability of having paint on your lips, it’s a great idea! Also I love “episodic hump of blues…” such scope for imagination.

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