An Octopi in NYC?

Octopus in NYC

I like to play with illustrator and layer photos. After I made this image I did a little web search for Octopi in NYC. I came across some interesting finds. One of them was Octopus Talent—a boutique agency representing post-production artists of all types in the media industry. I love behind the scenes folks, the unsung hero’s in all aspects of life. I also really admire when people thank everyone who has helped them on their journey. We all need to be reminded to thank those folks that have made our lives a little easier, or helped a project run smoother or gave us an idea that sparked us. Teachers, parents, friends, mentors, custodians, coaches—whoever it is you need express gratitude to…it is never too late.

P.S. If you’re looking for an agency to represent your post production skills you might want to check this agency out.

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