alone for a few days in NYC…







I traveled alone for a few days last week. 

I moved at my own pace, noticed different things and returned home inspired.

Thank you New York City, you never disappoint.

  • street snaps of strangers
  • graffiti near Grand Central Station
  • coffee at the Fitzpatrick Hotel—44th & Lexington
  • The NoMad Hotel—28th & Broadway

beautiful obstacles

beautiful:  exciting aesthetic pleasure

obstacle:  something that impedes progress or achievement

I’m beginning to understand that life’s obstacles are an invitation, not an interruption.


pay yourself first

I know a lot of people hate Mondays.  I’m sorry.  I’m not one of them.  I’ve always loved Mondays and I like them even more when it’s raining or cold.  I feel really productive and I think, “Well, I have to get my work done, so why have the pull of great weather taking my attention.  Crappy Monday weather simply makes it easier to get at what has to be done.

IMG_7744 IMG_7745

So, on this cloudy (with a good chance of showers this afternoon) April Monday in Vermont I find myself with one of these such days. However, I’m rested, coffee fueled and hitting the ground running.  These are rainy day images from Brooklyn I shot over the weekend.

I’m trying a new process to get myself organized and I would love to hear how others do this as well.  On Sunday nights I write down a list of my intentions for the week—day by day.  This practice has uniquely organized my “highly disorganized” brain and has allowed me to relax a bit because the week is laid out for me.

I have to get very specific because I’m easily distracted.  I even write down my food intentions for the week because it sets a tone…especially after a rather indulgent weekend with friends eating and drinking beer in Brooklyn.  I pencil in writing, homework, appointments, exercise, breaks, errands, projects, phone calls, tasks, quiet time and family time.  This may sound rigid, but there’s plenty of wiggle room.

I’ve started paying more attention to what I do when and this has been a real game changer for me.  I’m highly creative in the morning and I have a lot of clarity and energy.  So, the tasks that require the most of my brain power I do first thing.

I can complete other things later in the day that require much less of me.  I don’t want to waste my most creative time doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom or paying bills.


I was reminded when I started this practice that my Grandpa Louis used to say; “Pay yourself first, Lisa”.

He said this in regard to my savings account when I started working my first job at a grocery store when I was eleven.  However, now I realize that Grandpa meant so much more in that simple statement.  Setting my intentions for all aspects of my life; work schedule, social activities, food, exercise, creative and quiet time is paying myself first and it’s been quite effective for me so far. Thank you, Grandpa.

My fantasy NYC celebrity photography…

lillibridge woody allen murray hill nyciris apfel lillibridge nyc photoshop lou reed lillibridge nyc


  1. Woody Allen and Sun Yi
  2. The late, great Lou Reed
  3. Iris Apfel—my fashion hero
  4. My original photo shot near the Murray Hill Diner/NYC

New York City—October 2015
















Growing up in South Dakota, New York City seemed like going to the moon.  I’m wowed every time.  It’s always those little moments that stay with me.  I don’t want to live there, but I sure LOVE three days.

My Art is off to NYC for the weekend.

Summer Nights, 13″ x 18″, acrylic and glaze 2014

So I am not off to the Javits Center in NYC for the weekend but my collaborative painting I created for Ellen Dorsch of Creative Women is.

We discussed the possibility of working on something together. I created this piece based on some photographs she gave me. The idea was that since this is a summer show for housewares and gifts evoking warmth and summertime in February would be a good idea. Ellen has graciously offered me the opportunity to gain some feedback from responses to the piece in her booth.

It was an interesting process for me working from a photograph. I am used to creating work based on what springs out of my own imagination. There was a different discipline that I both really appreciated and need to understand better if I want to expand my opportunities for more commissioned work. Isn’t it grand to learn more about our own creative brains?

Here’s the link to information about the trade show.

An Octopi in NYC?

Octopus in NYC

I like to play with illustrator and layer photos. After I made this image I did a little web search for Octopi in NYC. I came across some interesting finds. One of them was Octopus Talent—a boutique agency representing post-production artists of all types in the media industry. I love behind the scenes folks, the unsung hero’s in all aspects of life. I also really admire when people thank everyone who has helped them on their journey. We all need to be reminded to thank those folks that have made our lives a little easier, or helped a project run smoother or gave us an idea that sparked us. Teachers, parents, friends, mentors, custodians, coaches—whoever it is you need express gratitude to…it is never too late.

P.S. If you’re looking for an agency to represent your post production skills you might want to check this agency out.


Art In NYC

This art was on a building just a few doors down from The New World Stages where we saw Avenue Q on W 50th Street in NYC. I am so drawn to the palette and the energy of this work. I am also ridiculously inspired by the play of all these colors together…especially drawn to the pop of red. I want to do more work like this. I used to do a lot more line drawing work. I want to get back at it and this work has really caught my attention.

I hope you enjoy it too and if anyone knows who the artist is I would greatly appreciate a head’s up. I thought my picture captured the name and now I can’t find it. Enjoy your day and I hope something that crosses your path sparks your creativity.

The inspiration of Mr. Softie

Mr. Softie

I love old advertising and logos. Mr. Softie hits every note—clean, memorable, classic primary colors, negative space so you can rest your eye in the overload of NYC and the logo connects to a simpler time. Yes, indeed I want some ice cream. Thank you Mr. Softie!