Kaletinis with the girls…



kaftan with kale bouquet

Vermonters just love their kale. We can’t hardly get enough—we massage it for salads, add it to our smoothies and put it on on our tacos and sandwiches. So, last summer in an effort to up my kale consumption I developed my signature Kaletini. It is an acquired taste and as my friend Sandy described it last year, it is a bit “algaeic”. Last night was a particularly yummy batch. I however, don’t really like measuring I just go on how it feels so some batches were a little heavier on the vodka, some on the citrus and some were a little too “kaley”. So get out those vegetables you don’t know what to do with from your CSA share or the farmer’s market and start developing cocktails. You might just discover something delicious.

Thank you Rachel Trooper for your photographs. Follow her on instagram @ redjersey.

1 thought on “Kaletinis with the girls…

  1. Kale, um! I prefer it in a soup. Or stir-fried with onion into scrambled eggs. Or baked in quiche. It’s also good in beef stroganoff, I discovered recently, thanks to another blogger.


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