Studio Day…

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, Kenmore

Today I got to spend a long studio day with my new (to me) heavy duty sewing machine. With the exception of an hour and half to see my daughter, Lucy play field hockey (tie 2-2). I worked 11+ hours in my studio. I love those rare long uninterrupted days. I was left alone with my work to create and think. I got to what many describe as “in flow”. I lost hours. I didn’t need to eat. I wasn’t thirsty. I didn’t check my mail. And I didn’t think about that late afternoon coffee or thrift shop run.

Here is the bag I worked on with fuchsia scrap leather today. I am learning so much with each bag I work on. I love seeing how something went wrong and what I can correct on the next one. I even took a few notes, not very like me…so I was pretty proud of myself.

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, Fushia bag

A sewing experiment to play with D1966 (Dakota 1966).

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, D1966, studio

Fabulous Ted Talk about being in flow.

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