Burlington Printmaker—Casey Blanchard

Lillibridge, Casey Blanchard, Dakota 1966

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, Casey Blanchard's press

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, Casey Blanchard, Vermont

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting artist, Casey Blanchard at her studio in Burlington, Vermont. One of the first things I was very impressed with after her very gracious, easy going demeanor was the fact that she has an assistant. Oh, we all know that it is very challenging to find the time to both create and do all of the business of selling art as well. These are two very different skill sets. I am working on it all the time.

Her work is really stunning and soothing. I can’t describe her prints as well as seeing it yourself. (See link below.) Casey told me about a project she is involved with trying to win to a grant with a landscaper and stone mason to do the art for a new psychiatric facility in Vermont. Based on her description of the potential to integrate the entrance and gardens into the space in a calming, seamless fashion I would’ve offered her the grant immediately if I served on that committee.

Like well designed interior spaces, we often don’t know exactly why they work, we just know they do when the scale, color, light and angles are in harmony. So, check out her work and go seek an artist out in your area that you’ve been interested in meeting. You just might learn something that can help you along your way.


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