TED in New Orleans

November 1st-3rd I had the privilege of attending the TEDwomen’s conference in New Orleans.  I have yet to distill the stories I heard into something easily shareable.  I will eventually though.  However, after the conference ended Friday at noon, and I had lunch with new friends, I had to shift hotels and…

when I walked into the Catahoula Hotel I was so instantly smitten.

This courtyard space at the Catahoula will be where I go in my head when I get dental work done or just want to escape.  It so spoke to me.  My room was really funky.  The staff was great.  There was a rooftop deck and bar.  The coffee was delicious.


When I woke up the morning after the conference something funny happened.  If you listen to TED talks, which I highly recommend you do, you will get this.

I woke up speaking TED. 

My first thoughts when I woke up were, “Twenty-eight years ago, I was searching for something I did not understand and landed in the hippie hills of Vermont.  How could I, a small town girl from conservative, southern South Dakota believe that the lefty enclave of Burlington, Vermont would be where I would find my husband, my tribe and myself.  How could I…”

And it just kept going on like this.  I couldn’t stop thinking in TED speak.  I cracked myself up.  After hearing those remarkable stories for three days, one right after another, the cadence of the talks became a part of me.  I don’t speak TED anymore—just in case you were wondering.

There are some links below to TED talks.  You can find something to spark you on any subject in the universe—oh, and also the link to the hotel if you are planning a trip to New Orleans.


2600 talks to stir your curiosity: TED talks

Studio Day…

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, Kenmore

Today I got to spend a long studio day with my new (to me) heavy duty sewing machine. With the exception of an hour and half to see my daughter, Lucy play field hockey (tie 2-2). I worked 11+ hours in my studio. I love those rare long uninterrupted days. I was left alone with my work to create and think. I got to what many describe as “in flow”. I lost hours. I didn’t need to eat. I wasn’t thirsty. I didn’t check my mail. And I didn’t think about that late afternoon coffee or thrift shop run.

Here is the bag I worked on with fuchsia scrap leather today. I am learning so much with each bag I work on. I love seeing how something went wrong and what I can correct on the next one. I even took a few notes, not very like me…so I was pretty proud of myself.

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, Fushia bag

A sewing experiment to play with D1966 (Dakota 1966).

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, D1966, studio

Fabulous Ted Talk about being in flow.