no project too small for HINGE

garage before lillibridge east corner


1. I had Got Junk come and take loads of crap away. 2. Then my friend, Irene generously helped me paint the wainscotting with the same color as our house. 3. I put the remaining goods back in with some careful editing. 4. And now it pleases me so much that I don’t want to put the cars in the garage. I walk out in the morning and admire the tidiness while I drink my coffee. 5. Now I need to contact Anna Thelemarck and Missa Aloisi at HINGE in Burlington, Vermont and figure out the rest of the project.

I know Anna and Missa at Hinge will have great ideas about how to tackle the rest of my garage with innovative possibilities. If you have a design problem in your home and are not sure where to turn, look no further. Here’s your answer right here in highly creative Burlington, Vermont.


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