“jumping through hoops” at REVOLUTION KITCHEN


My new work is up in Burlington’s downtown vegetarian restaurant…trust me folks you won’t miss having meat options.  The food is amazing!  If you get a chance please go check out my FREAK SHOW—be sure and tell the staff you’re a friend of mine (and tip them handsomely).


The dress that is hanging with “jumping through hoops” was created by Maggie Pace and I for the ART HOP FASHION SHOW, STRUT in 2012.  It started out as wedding dress from Goodwill and ended up like this.  Maggie did some crazy stitch work with objects we found around the studio.  In the 11th hour leading up to the fashion show it wasn’t quite runway ready and my friend from Minneapolis, Marita Meinerts did some stitch work too.  I think it looks cool with stripey tights on this new girl.  She is going places!



I will be changing this show while it is up and swapping pieces out

2 thoughts on ““jumping through hoops” at REVOLUTION KITCHEN

  1. I am interested in buying “a rise is a rose” currently displayed at Revolution Kitchen.
    What do you think? Price?

    • Hello Tom, The price is on the list. I don’t have it in front if me now. It is one of my favorite pieces. I like the modern Art Deco way it turned out. I never know exactly what will happen when carving different surfaces. Please text or email me to make arrangements. Thank you. Lisa

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