Jules Fieffer made me do it.

Jules Fieffer illustrated The Phantom Tollbooth and there is a new book out about him “Out of Line”.  Here’s the link to a great NPR story about his creative life.  I just had to do a quick sketch after I heard his story.


On his mother’s drawings, which are included in Out of Line

“My mother had to make the family living during the Depression. So she was at her drawing board all day long doing these fashion drawings. And she would look at store windows, dragging me along and pointing out details of clothing in Saks Fifth Avenue, at Bergdorf — I was screamingly bored! And thought she was doing this to torture me, and in fact I saw it as torture. And she would take them down to the rag trade on Seventh Avenue and go door to door to manufacturers where she had some customers, and they would pick a design and give her $3 for it, out of which they’d make a coat. So it required a lot of skill, none of which I appreciated until I became aged.”

lillibridge skirt and shoes drawing

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  1. Not Jules Verne. Jules Pfiefer

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