Big projects, a few hours before guests arrive? Sure.

I think you know by now that I’m a big fan of projects.  I think it’s a perfectly good idea to sand and coat my outside tables a few hours before 35 people show up at my house for a 4th of July bash.  My husband, Jeff thought it was a little kooky, but he understands and he’ll love how they turned out.

Here are some before and after photos of our outside tables.  What a difference a little sanding and sealing does, huh?  My favorite product and again (this not a paid endorsement).  However, if VERMONT NATURAL COATINGS happens to see this post and would like to send a few gallons my way, I wouldn’t be angry.  So many things need to be sanded and sealed.  Now the water will just bead off of these surfaces and they aren’t splintery to the touch.  I better start slicing the watermelons and icing the beer and sodas down before the crowd arrives.

Happy 4th of July folks!


photo_5  photo_3 photo_4  photo

From their website:

VERMONT NATURAL COATING’S PolyWhey natural finishes are tough – scratch, chemical, and water resistant – dry quickly, and do not yellow.”

2 thoughts on “Big projects, a few hours before guests arrive? Sure.

  1. Lisa, you’re so funny! Of course you’d undertake a project like this at the last minute….because that’s the only kind of time there is to do such things! The rest of the time you’re too busy doing other stuff, like keeping track of your teens, or reading, maybe beaching it a bit, gardening, spending time with Jeff, being a friend to so many…typical Lisa days. Enjoy your holiday; I always think about all the fun you all have on the Fourth. Send pix please! Love to all.

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