I truly hate the heat.

My studio was about 100 degrees today.  I’m actually working in a “sweatshop”.  When I’m done with the fashion show next Saturday night I might start looking for property in a cooler climate.  Northern Vermont is simply too hot and too damn sunny for me.  It feels like New Orleans.  I don’t remember the last rainy day I experienced. I love rain, fog and cool, overcast days.  There’s a slight chance for a thunderstorm tonight—here’s hoping. I’ll be a lot more productive if it cools off even a little.  I have a lot of details to finish and only four full days to do it.



3 thoughts on “I truly hate the heat.

  1. Loving the fabrics you have chosen Lisa.
    You really don’t want grey and overcast do you? If so, I will gladly house swap with you. Cold and horrible with little sun is not my cup of tea.
    Keep up the good work, really enjoying your photographs.B

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