When I pay attention.

A few weeks ago, my friend Maggie Pace shared the Elle Luna book “The Crossroads of SHOULD and MUST” book with me.  It changed everything for me to think about my “MUSTS”.  I’m not making a living off of my art AND I’m not discouraged that I’m not making money from my work right now.  I’m learning.  My work is gaining depth. I’m increasingly more comfortable getting “out there” in the world and not just being alone in my studio (which I adore).  If I’m so driven to make things there has to be some real value in what I do—it simply hasn’t quite revealed itself in it’s entirety…yet.  I believe it just might one day and when I say VALUE I mean all kinds—quality, authenticity, relationships of all types (including self), originality and perhaps even monetary.

I wanted to explain how I ended up in Elizabeth Bunsen’s studio on Lake Champlain in Charlotte, Vermont last week.  Tomorrow I’ll begin a three part blog series and you’ll get to see her work.




the cycle of listening

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