Bernie’s Inn—The famous Herrick, South Dakota institution.

As promised, Herrick folks, my niece and I paid a visit to Marilyn at Bernie’s Inn.  It was so much fun to see the place and be reminded of childhood memories—working in the honey house, hanging out after games and high school weekends driving around stopping in for a pop.  I hope you all enjoy the little trip down memory lane.  Be sure to visit next time you are in the area.  It’s well worth the effort.

Bernie’s Inn was established in 1973

The view as you enter.


Look who greeted us at the door.

Marilyn Baxa/proprietor of Bernie’s Inn welcomed us and told us some stories about the place.

Blue Star Honey where I worked as a kid—love that whipped honey. YUMMY!

Family photos are everywhere.

Kettles on Stove Bernie's Inn

Kettles warming on the stove.

I visited on Sunday afternoon.   I suspect there was some lively card playing on Saturday night.  Darn, I missed it.

dog by door at Bernie's Inn

A quick snooze before hatching a sneaking out plan.


Thank you Marilyn.

12 thoughts on “Bernie’s Inn—The famous Herrick, South Dakota institution.

  1. Lisa – was nice seeing you in the coffee shop hope you had a safe trip home. I also enjoyed this article on Herrick and Bernie’s Inn. Twylah


  2. I love it! So many awesome things throughout the building. They see them every day and probably forget how intricate our memories are — yet always willing to share a story, which is a gift to all of us that enter through that old wooden door. It’s a magical place!


  3. We lived there in the 70’s and 80’s! Grandpa Charlie Lyon had many good stories to share at Bernie’s Inn! Nice to see photos! Would love to see more of Herrick sometime! – Andrew Renneker


  4. Wow!!!!! I spent MANY hours there. Would ride my Grandma’s bike down to get apple-os and a soda. Love the pot bellied stove but most of all, the rolls being made in the back! That place is definitely iconic! Oh, and the tubs upon tubs of Blue Star honey that I consumed is embarrassing! LOL


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