My Art is off to NYC for the weekend.

Summer Nights, 13″ x 18″, acrylic and glaze 2014

So I am not off to the Javits Center in NYC for the weekend but my collaborative painting I created for Ellen Dorsch of Creative Women is.

We discussed the possibility of working on something together. I created this piece based on some photographs she gave me. The idea was that since this is a summer show for housewares and gifts evoking warmth and summertime in February would be a good idea. Ellen has graciously offered me the opportunity to gain some feedback from responses to the piece in her booth.

It was an interesting process for me working from a photograph. I am used to creating work based on what springs out of my own imagination. There was a different discipline that I both really appreciated and need to understand better if I want to expand my opportunities for more commissioned work. Isn’t it grand to learn more about our own creative brains?

Here’s the link to information about the trade show.

Beautiful Textiles with a Mission

Moroccan Chanel Pillows

Creative Women

From the website:
Creative Women, a Vermont-based, women-owned company, has worked in partnership with textile studios in Ethiopia, Swaziland, Afghanistan, Senegal, Mali, Bolivia, Peru, India and now Morocco. We import traditionally-inspired contemporary accessories and home textiles. More than just designing and selling textiles, Creative Women works to promote equitable trading practices and to support women’s economic independence.

Today, with friends I had the pleasure of meeting Creative Women founder Ellen Dorsch in her lovely Chace Mill/Winooski, Vermont space. Her passion and mission are commendable. These textiles are so beautiful and they are giving women an opportunity to take such pride in their craftsmanship and earn an income in a safe environment. Check out the website and read more of the story of this business/mission.