A Murder of Crows

This morning I woke up hearing crows out my window. I know they’re loud, but they are so much more than just their volume. I’ve been interested in crows ever since I saw this remarkable PBS documentary.

CLICK HERE: A Murder of Crows PBS video

Crows are highly intelligent, social and community oriented.

Really, they are way cooler than you think.

You just might see crows differently if you learn more about them.

I certainly did.

I remembered an old painting of mine tucked behind paint cans in my basement. Here’s the original painting that was the basis for the other images.

“A Murder of Crows” 3′ x 3′, acrylic, 2010


Here’s what I created from the original painting:

black cloth murder of crows lisa lillibridge

a murder of crows lillibridge


“Crows are extremely intelligent birds. They are known for their problem-solving skills and amazing communication skills. For example, when a crow encounters a mean human, it will teach other crows how to identify the human. In fact, research shows that crows don’t forget a face.

Many types of crows are solitary, but they will often forage in groups. Others stay in large groups. A group of crows is called a murder. Murders of crows will ban together and chase predators in a behavior called mobbing. With some crow species, the yearlings and non-mating adults live in a group called a roosting community.”

crows land sections lillibridge

“It’s not where you take things from — it’s where you take them to.”   —Jean-Luc Godard   

Below are the other images I worked with. I took the photograph of Elizabeth Bunsen’s ecodyeing work. The painting was inspired by seeing sections of land when I fly home to South Dakota.

I love to layer and play with my photographs to create different worlds. I’m finding myself thinking/seeing in a very different way while I’m creating this digital collage work.



when worlds collide/part II

sd farmhouse colliding with italy lillibridge sd farmhouse dog days burke south dakota

1. A side street in Florence, Italy

2. Dog Days Celebration, Burke, South Dakota 2014

my art wants a change of scenery too.

bird lillibridge beach flowers blue skyace hotel girl lillibridge

boy on pier carving lillibridge dakota 1966old lady legs carving arno lillibridge dakota 1966beach roses town neck beach lillibridge

I am getting tired of the cold.

I think my paintings are too.

Look where they ended up?


lucy and willa making facing lillibridge dakota 1966poster edges lillibridge dakota 1966

girls at the beach lillibridge dakota 1966hoola hooping girls lillibridge Lu Lu hair flying lillibridge

I didn’t quite achieve the effect I was seeking,

but I made a few more discoveries along the way that came out pretty cool.

I will keep trying adobe illustrator until I get it just right.

my own emojis

back to you lisa lillibridgeHOMEWORK

moviesfor your own good honey your butt looks great spare me lisa lllibridge dakota 1966  pizza and beer now lillibridge

I’ve never used emojis because they don’t always make sense to me.

These I would use all the time.

Lillies On The Edge…



Lillibridge lillies dakota 1966

Lillibridge lillies dakota 1966


Last week for Mother’s Day I was given this beautiful bouquet of lillies. They have filled our home with their scent and have looked beautiful on the kitchen bar. For a moment, this morning I felt sad when I saw that they were fading and then I looked closer. They are actually pretty gorgeous in this state, but I think everything is more beautiful this way. I took the vase and flowers out into the garden and shot some photos. By playing with them in illustrator I can see them differently in a very graphic designy way. Here are a few of the things i came up with. I hope you like the images. Happy Saturday!

One album cover is a forgery.

Sierra Exif JPEG

lillibridge ink spots


I am crazy about album art…especially these cool, highly graphic designs. Actually listening to this song on a summer night sitting on the porch would be pretty wonderful.

Maggie Pace designs I want to carve.

Maggie Pace design seedyflowers_2

Maggie Pace design

Maggie Pace design corn


Maggie creates these cool designs in illustrator. I want to turn them into cool designs carved into wood. I am really into the process of my work—composition, color, carving and experimenting with finishes. I think the design part is becoming less interesting to me. I would like to interpret other peoples designs and turn them into something totally different.

Have a fabulous creative weekend, wherever your projects take you. Here’s a great story about the brain and creativity from Fast Company.


A Jetsons Bouquet for you.

Lillibridge Jetson's bouqet

I loved the Jetsons as a kid. I thought we would be living a much more space age life in 2013…a little disappointing actually. So, I created a bouquet I would love to be handed in honor of my childhood space age fantasies. Enjoy!