Cape Cinema, Begin Again & My Record Label Logo

dark socks and sandals

Last night with my family I saw the movie “Begin Again” it is a fun summer story about friendship, starting over, humility and collaboration. It’s also about music and I have always loved record company label design—so here is my quick stab at a hypothetical logo.

We saw “Begin Again” at the utterly charming Cape Cinema in Dennis, Mass. The ceiling is painted by the artist Rockwell Kent and it’s stunning. This is the theater that in 2004 while getting our tickets to see the movie “Whale Rider” my son, Ellis cut the tip of his finger off while having his hands on the old timey ticket cutter. We tried to sit through the movie, but when I looked at his finger it was sliced at an angle so I thought we needed to get to the ER to have it checked out. It looked like a cross section from a science class model. Not much blood. Clean cut. We drove to Hyannis to the ER and sat in the freezing air conditioning with very sick people. We finally gave up and went home. I put some antiseptic on his finger, wrapped it up and put him in bed with me in case he got a fever in the night. He didn’t.

The next morning we went to a clinic and the doctor asked me what I had done to take care of it. He said, “That’s what I am going to do too.” Then he said, “just get in the ocean, saltwater is good for the cut.” Ellis then asked him if he had ever been to the Cape Cinema. He said that he hadn’t and Ellis invited him to the movies with us sometime.

I never pushed the issue with the Cape Cinema. One season a manager offered us FREE PASSES but that was it. I don’t think the ticket cutter is still in operation now, but be careful and don’t put your fingers on the counter. But, do visit the theater if you get a chance, it is really cool.

Here is the link to the movie if you haven’t seen the previews.

Thank you Lloyd Dobler.

lloyd-dobler-3One of my favorite lines from a movie is John Cusack’s character Lloyd Dobler in the 1989 movie: “Say Anything”.

“I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don’t want to do that.”

This was a line I heard in a movie 25 years ago (oh, how I loved Lloyd Dobler-and he did really remind of one of the boys I loved when I was young). It has really stayed with me and now in 2014 I think it’s becoming much clearer. I am an artist. My studio is filled with tangible original art that I am proud of and theoretically I should show to people and sell. However, I am not a salesperson. Once the piece is created, the last thing on my mind is pursuing the sale-perhaps because I am not very good it. The joy for me is in the idea and process.

I am discovering what drives me more is to show others how to communicate their own ideas more effectively in ways that could open up possibilities for their lives. So, the process I am in the middle of is figuring out exactly how to do that and what training is required of me. I don’t want to shelve my artistic and spatial gifts but I do want to channel them in a way that feels very authentic, resonates for me and helps others. Ideas…?