The first four images were shot in Rembrandt’s studio.  When I travel the moments that stay with me are the details.  I’ve trained my eye to look closer at things because looking too big can overwhelm my senses sometimes.  The photos taken in Rembrandt’s studio were so remarkable to me because of the quality of light.  No wonder he created the work he did, even on a grey day the north facing light was beyond stunning.

Rembrandt Museum Amsterdam

seek different ways…

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, unknown flora

Lillibridge, Unknown FLora Pattern

I have been cleaning my studio and sorting my work and I took a new look at this piece. I call it “Unknown Flora”, but I think it most closely resembles Queen Anne’s Lace. I am so interested in the way things look from another point of view…upside down, another perspective, in repetition etc.

This applies to both how we communicate and how we see things. I get stuck in the same thinking patterns and need to change it up or I get intellectually/emotionally bored (and this thinking type of thinking is exhausting). When we seek different ways of seeing we are opening ourselves up for a shift, a possibility or some grace…depending on what your life needs at the time. So, today turn (whatever needs a shift) upside down, or sideways and see what happens.