my art wants a change of scenery too.

bird lillibridge beach flowers blue skyace hotel girl lillibridge

boy on pier carving lillibridge dakota 1966old lady legs carving arno lillibridge dakota 1966beach roses town neck beach lillibridge

I am getting tired of the cold.

I think my paintings are too.

Look where they ended up?

Artists and the WPA

Is it time for another Works Project Administration?

“Of all of Roosevelt New Deal programs, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) is the most famous, because it affected so many people’s lives. Roosevelt’s vision of a work-relief program employed more than 8.5 million people. For an average salary of $41.57 a month, WPA employees built bridges, roads, public buildings, public parks and airports.” —American Experience

Lisa Lillibridge, dance, sing
A few of my carved pieces from a 2009 series in homage to the WPA. “Dance” & “Sing”

Two Great Links about WPA

Love Birds

Love Birds, Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, Burlington, Vermont

This painting was a rare commission when someone walked in off the street and wanted a painting for his wedding gift. His fiance had seen my work at Art Hop a year prior and she had regretted not picking up a card of mine. She couldn’t remember where the studio was and didn’t know my name. So, he just started hunting for me and found the studio by remembering the vines leading up the staircase. I only had a few days to get the painting done and he gave me a lot of creative freedom. He paid me in cash and I don’t remember his name. I hope they are enjoying the painting.