I love flea markets…but not necessarily for the reason you would think.

This morning at the flea market in Sandwich, Mass I stopped at a table and started visiting with Dennis. Here’s Dennis. I scored some cool jewelry, some butter knives, a beautiful serving spoon and silver salad tongs from his goods. The serving pieces he actually gifted me after such a great early morning conversation. Not a bad way to start a Wednesday.

Dennis Rochefort sandwich flea market lisa lillibridge

We talked about kids, art, art school, traveling, creative minds, how creative minds work, selling Cadillacs, GOT JUNK (Dennis is a GOT JUNK Franchise owner in Rhode Island). My kids know that I love that business so much that the guys are referred to as “my GOT JUNK boyfriends” when they take a load from my home or studio. It was a great conversation and I learned that one of Dennis’ sons is a sculptor in Los Angeles. So I of course, needed to know more about his Rhode Island School of Design son working as a sculptor in LA. As an artist and a mother who is taking her son to art school (MIAD Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design) in a few weeks, it’s inspiring to hear a story of how a young creative life was constructed.

Here are links to Brian’s work. I really like the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves sculptures. His vision makes them seem so much more complex and multi-dimensional. I encourage you to go the distance if you learn about something that interests you. It’s so easy to follow-up with someone and let them know how you found out about their work, idea, situation etc. This is one of the best reasons for the internet in my estimation.


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