beach rambles inside & out…

I often have a flood of ideas while walking the beach about what I want to create, write, transform, design and so on. Then I get home and the idea’s intensity subsides. I used to feel quite defeated by this. I don’t anymore.

I can’t possibly create all that I imagine…and there’s some sadness that sometimes accompanies that understanding. However, in this middle school stage of life (I’ll be 55 in October) I finally appreciate (accept maybe) the inevitable ebbing and flowing of my inner creative life, and stop fighting the tide so much.

Here are a few ideas that actually did come to life this week:

I think I’ll give myself a high-five for what I did accomplish. Beating myself up over what I didn’t do this week seems pretty absurd.

are your barriers real or imagined?

I’ve had a really hard time getting out of my own way lately. So, I asked myself this very question.

OK, Lisa, are they real or imagined?

Damnit, I had to answer honestly…most of them, of course, are imagined.

They aren’t barriers per se, they’re just excuses—everyday run of the mill, tried and true excuses I’ve used for years and years and will continue to use far too frequently. However, now I have to face at least a little personal accountability, especially around my creative goals.

So, what barriers are you willing to bust through to reach your goals?

ancient memories

I shot these images at an ecodyeing workshop at Elizabeth Bunsen’s studio in Burlington, Vermont yesterday.  I have many more photos to share from the workshop however, I thought I would just post these 4 images today.  There is some magic alchemy in this process that has a unique ancient pull.

This process make me feel like a lot of other possibilities and options exist in many realms of my life not just in my creative work.





I love flea markets…but not necessarily for the reason you would think.

This morning at the flea market in Sandwich, Mass I stopped at a table and started visiting with Dennis. Here’s Dennis. I scored some cool jewelry, some butter knives, a beautiful serving spoon and silver salad tongs from his goods. The serving pieces he actually gifted me after such a great early morning conversation. Not a bad way to start a Wednesday.

Dennis Rochefort sandwich flea market lisa lillibridge

We talked about kids, art, art school, traveling, creative minds, how creative minds work, selling Cadillacs, GOT JUNK (Dennis is a GOT JUNK Franchise owner in Rhode Island). My kids know that I love that business so much that the guys are referred to as “my GOT JUNK boyfriends” when they take a load from my home or studio. It was a great conversation and I learned that one of Dennis’ sons is a sculptor in Los Angeles. So I of course, needed to know more about his Rhode Island School of Design son working as a sculptor in LA. As an artist and a mother who is taking her son to art school (MIAD Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design) in a few weeks, it’s inspiring to hear a story of how a young creative life was constructed.

Here are links to Brian’s work. I really like the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves sculptures. His vision makes them seem so much more complex and multi-dimensional. I encourage you to go the distance if you learn about something that interests you. It’s so easy to follow-up with someone and let them know how you found out about their work, idea, situation etc. This is one of the best reasons for the internet in my estimation.