small moments…

Lillibridge guitar summer moments

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This image is one of my favorite memories of my whole summer. My husband, Jeff came out on the porch with coffee and his guitar. He strummed. I read the paper. The birds chirped. There was true beauty in that moment. It will always a part of me even when it fades.

I am grateful that my mother taught me to take the time to savor small moments and not live my life waiting for big events. She used to tell my sister and I, “Girls, there are a lot more every days in your life than special occasions.” There are hardly truer words to live by. Thanks Mom.

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  1. My Mum once said to me that you know that you’re happy when you are able to appreciate the little things, like the blossom on the trees, or the sound of birds chirping. When I catch myself doing it, it makes me smile all the more. Mum’s are awesome! xxx

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