4 thoughts on “The one message I want my children to leave home with.

  1. I was sent some other suggestions for EQUALS—Unravels? Punctuates? Surfs with? Tattoos?
    Seduces? Massages? Spit-shines, Shampoos? I didn’t think about how others would feel about equals. Few things are completely even as the word implies. I took it as that little extra effort that makes you feel better about yourself…eating on a dish, getting the garbage out of the car, making your bed AS WELL AS the grand things like pouring yourself into something and the satisfaction that comes from the doing (effort). I think I should redo this post and it would look like this.
    Thanks Mark. Your response to this post will inform a lot for me. No, not inform…untangle, delouse, perforate perhaps?

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