The wisdom of Ferris Bueller…

“Life moves pretty fast.

If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

                                                                        —Ferris Bueller

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Last Wednesday morning I went for a walk in a park in Burlington, Vermont near my home called Red Rocks.  It isn’t too far from the hustle of the city but at a certain part of my walk I could hear nothing.  No other walkers, no dogs barking, no traffic sounds.  Nothing.  I was so content walking beneath the remarkable snow laden trees.  Out of the corner of my eye, about 50 feet off the path I first saw snow falling and then I witnessed two trees facing each other release their snow and snap back into place.

It  was spectacular.

The quality of the sound made it feel like I was the only person on earth.


That experience reminded me of another quiet moment in my life that I will also never forget.  I like to cut branches and force blossoms to have something alive in the house during the dark days of winter.  When my son, Ellis was about two he and I were in our kitchen and he suddenly started wildly pointed toward the windowsill.  He was so excited about what he was witnessing.  I turned to see what he was pointing to and a Magnolia blossom was opening up before our eyes.  It was truly a moment to be treasured.


1 thought on “The wisdom of Ferris Bueller…

  1. Coming from a more temperate climate, it is rare for us to have snow, although I remember snow falling on Christmas Day (middle of summer here) once.
    Having visited snow areas, it is so quiet and it does seem that the world has stopped for a time.
    You have different things to enjoy about your climate, but we share the love for Magnolia – read ‘The White Magnolia Tree’ and pretend not to shed a tear.

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