On my radar this Sunday.

I wasn’t up for too much time in the heat today (close to 90 degrees on Cape Cod today). I did however want to straighten up our little shed and create a space where I could do some sewing this summer.  I’m working on a fashion show (STRUT, part of the South End Art Hop, Burlington, Vermont September 11th-12th) and I wanted some of my inspirations to be visible.  I wanted the space to feel like the dressing room of a silent film star…elegant, a fainting couch, a chandelier perhaps, velvet and silk and very sensual. However, it’s challenging with the fridge, boogie boards, beach chairs and tools.  I did the best I could today.  I’m satisfied with the improvement and out of the heat now.

The clipping is from Paul Theroux, a travel writer who lives in Cape Cod. He’s speaking in Provincetown, Mass this Thursday evening.  I don’t think I’ll pull off getting to see him, but I really liked his answer to:

What one thing does every educated person need to know?

“That mankind is an invasive species on a fragile planet.”  Indeed.

IMG_5515 IMG_5520 paul theroux cape cod times august second


Sunset on the deck.


I made an easy pizza dough with beer (I used a can of Miller Lite).  Quick rise yeast. One half a can of beer. Sugar to activate yeast. Two cups of flour and a pinch of salt.  I let it raise for a few hours and once again before I put it in the oven. It was the best, crispiest dough I’ve ever made.

1 thought on “On my radar this Sunday.

  1. Wonderful photos- especially the ‘sunset on the deck’. It almost looks like a painting, the pinks and blues in the shadow are beautiful


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