our wolves within…

I have to be mindful of which wolf I’m feeding all the time.

Thank you Jeff Govoni for the wolf drawing.

2 thoughts on “our wolves within…

  1. Hi Lisa, To portray the evil, bad wolf as black is racist and is how racism permeates our culture.. often that story is told with a black and white wolf which is even more racist. Thich Nhan Hanh (sp?) tells the same story with which seed do we water and feed – a less racist approach. I am just committed to pointing out racism when I see it. I am out in Santa Fe/Taos area and the racism is hard to stomach at times… What would it feel like to have “bad” wolf be white and “good” wolf be black.. I hope this can be a educational opportunity for you and Jeff, the Peace and Justice Center has great materials on White Fragility and White Toxicity,, blessings, Lynne


    • I really appreciate this. I wouldn’t have thought of this. I thought about our shadow sides for the graphic design. I was so much more focused on the words than the image actually. This is such a good reminder of the subtle (and not so subtle) racist messages we see every day. Let me work with the image and repost. Enjoy Santa Fe and all of it’s beauty. Thank you very much.

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