Cape Cod plates, mindful garbage & sharing…

I spent most mornings last summer photographing and then picking up trash on Town Neck Beach in Sandwich, Massachusetts. I created these plates with my Cape Cod photos after thinking about the amount of garbage floating in the world’s oceans.

I didn’t photograph the paper plates with ketchup/mustard smeared on them for obvious aesthetic reasons. Trust me, there were a lot of them almost every day. I provided a link below to one of my beach garbage posts from last summer.

I want to be more deliberate (not radical, just mindful) about garbage and the packaging I choose. Using these plates for a long time instead of plastic seems like an easy switch.

Hey, friends & family the plates will be in the garage ready for your use. Just shoot me a text and grab them on your way to the beach.

“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.”

—Jacques Yves Cousteau

See link:

NOTE: I used Shutterfly—I had a good coupon.

4 thoughts on “Cape Cod plates, mindful garbage & sharing…

  1. Agreed, Lisa. I’ve also been thinking about how much food packaging we throw away every day. I want to reduce that. Possible to buy things that only come in recyclable packages? 🧡

  2. Great idea! But…..if they are meant to be re-used, they’ll have to be washed, which will deter some folks from choosing them!

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