hey folks, don’t hide behind the camera.

Yesterday my friend Andrew and I were in his innovative home studio shooting some photographs for a series he’s working on.  I was wearing a mask for the shoot.  When we were done, it seemed like a waste to not take a few “unmasked” photos when the light and background were all set up.

I was reluctant to post this image today, not because of the quality of the image.  Nice work Andrew.  But why?  I think perhaps the “why” is; the veins/age spots on my hands, the wrinkles around my eyes and my grey roots awaiting a touch up (tomorrow).  However, while looking more closely I don’t only see those things.  I see that I’m wearing my favorite “uniform” of paint splattered khakis, a tank top and a cowboy shirt I’ve had and loved for twenty years.  Around my neck is a pendant my daughter, Willa made for me in her metals class.  I’m really relaxed.  Down the road I wholeheartedly believe I’ll be grateful to have this portrait.  Thanks Andrew.


Today I printed it at the #BCA studios on Pine Street in Burlington (thanks Renee).  I plan to write some details on the back so my grandkids or great grandkids will possess some information about me and who I was in March of 2018.

Don’t shy from the camera folks.  You’re going to want photographs of yourself.  Get your favorite ones printed.  Only having digital images is so different than actually holding a print in your hand—get multiples & share them broadly.




why collaboration makes you think bigger.

Elizabeth Bunsen and I are collaborating.  We don’t even quite know what our project is because the ideas keep coming so fast and furious…often over burgers and beer.  These images are sketches of one of the ideas we want to explore.  I like leather, heavy stitching and raw edges.  Elizabeth’s work is such an interesting contrast and compliment to the fashion and accessory work I’ve created.

We’ve talked about printing the images I’ve created on the computer from our combined work…my prairie photos and Elizabeth’s textiles.  Alone they’re pretty cool.  Combined they  are an entirely different art form.  Here’s to computer sketches that can make an idea over beers and a burger seem much more plausible.  Cheers!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller

bunsen lillibridge skirt prairie story

lingerie sketch bunsen lillibridge

bunsen lillibridge skirt with cornfield sketch

Yesterday I painted a mural.

It’s been a long Christmas, New Year’s break and lots of togetherness with my brood—but enough is enough.  I haven’t been in my studio.  I haven’t made anything and I was going absolutely bonkers.  So, yesterday I looked at our back entryway (also stairwell to the basement) and I went to work on an idea I’ve had for a while. This project took me all day long and into the evening.

It’s a wall we look at more than any others in our home…coming and going all day long.  First of all, painting a mural and projects of a similar ilk need to happen when my lovely husband, Jeff is out of town.  No judgement honey, just the way projects like this have gone down for 25 years.  He was gone. I went to work.

I used all of the paint samples I had in the house and I tried Valspar Antique Glaze from Lowes.  (No paid endorsement here, but I will tag them in my post). The technique is very similar to my paintings on wood. My art always looks unfinished to me until I distress and give it an antique glaze. I distress everything, my jackets, shoes, boots and so on.  If I haven’t distressed it myself by years of use, I’ll happily take my power sander to it….speeding the process along.

I think it needs a hint of red orange someplace and that will show up this week.  For now, every time anyone walks into my home they be reminded of LOVE or as my son, Ellis said with a shrug as he saw the early stages of the mural, “whatever keeps your menopause at bay, Mom”. Indeed.