The devil is in the details…

now that all of the pieces are created.  It’s time to look for subtle threads (literally & figuratively) that unite the collection. I love this part almost as much as pizza & champagne when we’re all done. I really like that part.  Elizabeth Bunsen’s dyed fabric, my work in scrap leather and photography and Jane Frank’s jewelry is telling a story just as we had hoped from the beginning.  Storytelling through this collaborative work is maybe the best part of the whole shootin’ match in my estimation.


The details are details. They make the product.

The connections, the connections, the connections. It will in the end be these details that give the product its life.

                        —Charles Eames



I can see my whole collection now.

I love when the creative process starts to “click”…when it goes from conceptual to…HERE WE GO.  My inspiration is silent film stars meet bohemian modern and this image of Gloria Swanson is my muse.

After months of hunting for fabric, trim and pieces to alter—constant sketching and research—it’s time to look closely at the details of the collection that will make it “walk” really well down the runway.  Here are a few of the inspirations.  I tried to alter my palette to include more grey.  But, I keep coming back to these warmer tones.  I guess I shouldn’t fight it.




prairie + bohemian influences for STRUT

bohemian influences Lillibridge dakota 1966 strut burlington vermont

Lillibridge mixed materials bohemian bag

I’m working on my projects for one of Burlington Vermont’s big art events STRUT a fashion show on September 6th. I am down to 9 days to complete my looks so my work needs to be very intentional and organized. I’m going for a laid-back bohemian, modern prairie vibe. Here are a few influences and one of the completed projects. I might show you more of what I am working on, however there’s a pretty good chance that I lose myself in my studio for the next week. I’ll show you all of the finished projects though. I wish you a creative Thursday, however that manifests in you.

Here’s the link to the event: