The devil is in the details…

now that all of the pieces are created.  It’s time to look for subtle threads (literally & figuratively) that unite the collection. I love this part almost as much as pizza & champagne when we’re all done. I really like that part.  Elizabeth Bunsen’s dyed fabric, my work in scrap leather and photography and Jane Frank’s jewelry is telling a story just as we had hoped from the beginning.  Storytelling through this collaborative work is maybe the best part of the whole shootin’ match in my estimation.


The details are details. They make the product.

The connections, the connections, the connections. It will in the end be these details that give the product its life.

                        —Charles Eames



LEVITY seven TRUNK SHOW @ Vintage Inspired

This Friday and Saturday I’m part of a TRUNK SHOW at VINTAGE INSPIRED in Burlington, Vermont with 6 very talented women. We call ourselves, “LEVITY seven”. We meet every few weeks over coffee in one of our studios or homes and talk about the issues of running small businesses.  Sometimes we stay on topic and often we talk about what’s happening in our creative lives.

“Without some occasional levity,

the working environment is not better than a sweatshop.”

What an amazing group of women to spend time with and learn from their collective experience. Having LEVITY in our group name reflects that we don’t want to pile more pressure on each other to do more than we already are, but rather reflects our level of encouragement and collaboration…with a healthy dose of humor.

Our group includes mostly Germans…two women are jewelers, one a fused glass artist and a garden designer. There are also a few very talented American women—a contemporary painter and the owner of CB Sacks—a Burlington company that makes beautiful bags out of coffee sacks from around the world.

Here’s what I’m preparing for the TRUNK SHOW…bracelets, pendants, a few paintings, hand-painted shoes and a few paintings.  I’m not a terribly skilled salesperson.  It just doesn’t come very naturally to me—so if you come to our TRUNK SHOW I’ll be the one showing the merits and creativity of my friend’s work.

Please stop by if you’re in the Burlington, Vermont area.

Vintage Inspired • Friday May 1st, 5-8pm, Saturday noon-5pm • 180 Flynn Ave

Here are links to see their work: (Ina Deane/jewelry designer) (Jane Frank/master goldsmith) (Kara Greenblott/bag designer/upcycled coffee sacks) (Lynne Reed/contemporary painter) (Gabrielle Baumann/fused glass artist) (Silvia Jope/garden designer)



Jane Frank/WERKSTATT photo shoot

This week I had the pleasure of taking pictures of my friend and master goldsmith German jeweler, Jane (Yanna) Frank. She has created this remarkable space in a converted garage for her ongoing classes and her own work. Jane’s work is simply stunning.

She is going to submit photos to a fabulous publication called “Where Women Create”. This magazine highlight the creative spaces of women from all different disciplines and backgrounds.

These are a few of the photos I shot in Jane’s space.


Jane Frank, chandelier earrings


Here’s the link:

If you are into INSTAGRAM we would really appreciate you checking out (and hopefully following) our instagram profiles.

dakota1966 (This is me.)
jf_werkstatt (This is Jane Frank.) (Jane’s blog)

Why do we beat ourselves up over what we DIDN’T get done?

Lillibridge week of productivity dakota 1966

I often find myself at the end of a week wondering what I have to show for it all. Since I live a creative life with a constantly emerging curriculum it’s a challenge to not beat myself up over what else I would’ve accomplished. This week I decided to see things differently. Instead of looking at my list of what I didn’t accomplish, I made my list of what I DID and it was pretty interesting. I sometimes long for a narrower focus as I written about before, but the variety of stuff I do is interesting and puts me in contact with a lot of people who really fuel my creativity.

I spent time with my former studio mate, Chicago Artist—Adam DeVarney and we had an amazing conversation that if it had been all I did this week—it would’ve been enough. Check out Adam’s funky work. LINKS BELOW

Jane Frank is a Burlington Master Goldsmith and jewelery class instructor who I am doing the branding and marketing for. We had a reporter come this week to do an article on Tuesday and the photographer came on Thursday to talk about her new WERKSTATT/workshop. I can’t wait to see how the story turns out in next weeks SevenDays (Burlington, Vermont’s alternative weekly paper). She has a great story and does beautiful work and it has been a pleasure to be on her team. We’re doing a trade and I am getting a pair of her chandelier earrings for my design/branding efforts. A great deal for both of us. LINKS BELOW

I also am trying to source the right tote bag for my kids summer business The Town Neck Company. It is a business trying to bring awareness to a barrier beach in Cape Cod where my husband grew up and we spend out summers. Oh, and I had the pleasure of getting upstairs at Champlain Leather in Burlington, Vermont and seeing the workshop. LINKS BELOW

It was my daughters 14th birthday on Saturday so there were some festivities over the weekend. I’ve spent time with friends, cleaned things out, taken loads of things to Goodwill, worked in the garden and taken 3 NIA dance classes at The South End Studio in Burlington (to keep my back from going out which renders me unable to do my work on the computer). LINK BELOW

I had a big group of people over for brunch on Sunday and it was great to hang out at such a mellow time of the week. It’s always pretty fun to have a glass of Prosecco and a bagel in the morning. I cleaned out cars and ran all of the regular household stuff we all have to do. My husband, Jeff Govoni was gone on a leadership camping trip in the rafting down the Colorado with an incredible group of people. He was so remote there was only a satellite phone so it was just me and my kiddos this last week. He’s a leadership coach and this was quite a journey with interesting business leaders from around the globe. LINK BELOW to his site too.

So, the next time you’re temped to be hard on yourself for things undone on your list. Make a DONE LIST for the week and pat yourself on the back. There is always next week. Happy Weekend!

Twins and Copper



Today felt scattered and not very productive in the studio. However, 13 years ago today I was in labor with my twin girls, Lucy and Willa so my mind is elsewhere and I won’t be too hard on myself about my lack of focus. The copper flower pieces I’ve been working on in my jewelry class to use for the center of the pendants. I am also experimenting with some leather paints to see what kind of effects I can create.

Have a creative weekend@