collaboration is pretty cool.

Elizabeth Bunsen and I are both prairie girls.  Elizabeth from rural Nebraska and me, as you might know, South Dakota. We wanted to design a collection that reflects our shared sense of interior geography. Our efforts will walk down the runway during Burlington, Vermont’s annual fashion show—STRUT.  The show is a part of a three day art celebration in Burlington, Vermont…SOUTH END ART HOP.

Elizabeth creates amazing rust prints on paper.  I’m a graphic designer.  I wanted to design some of our textiles for the show.  I ordered these from SPOONFLOWER.  I think they came out beautifully.  The fabric wasn’t too expensive and they were pretty quick on the turn around.  I can’t wait to work with these prints.



Elizabeth is getting ready for the Art Hop in her studio now as well. It’s sort of a kooky, busy, creative time in Burlington, Vermont’s South End. We will be using some of these pieces that she has ecodyed with eucalyptus and indigo.


I will be making handbags for the show out of leather scrap.  I love the way Elizabeth’s fabric floats next to the leathers.  I’ll keep posting more of our work as it’s available.  This is by far my favorite creative time of the year and working with Elizabeth’s creations is bringing some additional energy that’s really welcomed.


I’ll be doing a real blitz of long days in my very hot studio starting August 27th.  If you stop by to visit—an icy, unsweetened iced tea from Cumberland Farms is always welcomed.


The South End Art Hop’s STRUT is on September 10th

Here’s the link for tickets.  Both shows usually sell out early.

Rust, memories and the wisdom of Willa Cather.

Willa Cather quote Lillibridge rust print lillibridge rust print

I did a three day workshop with Elizabeth Bunsen last week.  This is one of the prints I made with indigo and rust.  I wanted to take my print and add the prairie influences that are speaking to me right now.  I used my photographs and one of my leather pendants in one of the circular spaces on the print.  I’m not sure which image I like best.  They seem like very different art forms now.

part 1. PAPER—The work of Elizabeth Bunsen.


“I love paper. I especially love making marks on paper while collaborating with natural processes… I use tea, rust, botanical pigments, indigo and other domestic solutions. Doodling on these papers – around a ring of rust for instance functions as a meditative technique. Over the years my stash of marked papers has grown and I often mix them up in little sample books. I also hang lengths of marked paper on hand-twined silk strings along with eucalyptus dyed fabric. My “to do” lists often end up dipped into the indigo vat or dyed and become little books of collected dailiness. These processes often succeed in helping me create the illusion of slowing the passage of time.”      —Elizabeth Bunsen






   “Moon Over Nebraska” This license plate is from her Grandfather’s truck.


I sent Elizabeth my photos and asked her to respond to the images…because I had to have a better description for you, the readers.

For me to write about Elizabeth’s work is equivalent to trying to describe the way I feel when I jump into the ocean or feel rain on my face.  It’s a sensation.  It’s ancient and internal and highly personal and not easy to put into words.  However, I’ll try.

My first pull to her work was threefold:

ONE: The palette (rust and blues make me swoon)

TWO: The license plate from a Nebraska truck.  I’m from South Dakota.

THREE: A very unique quality that is feminine, industrial, dreamlike and yet tangible and familiar at the same time…again, ancient really best describes her work for me.  Do you ever have those people, places or things in your life that keep surfacing even though you don’t have a known connection?  For me it’s 1930s Berlin Cabaret—another post— another time.

Elizabeth’s work feels like I’ve been waiting to see it and that our paths were suppose to cross at this point in my life.

I hope you enjoy her work and please share and check out her blogs and FACEBOOK page.