Morse Code “love you” necklace by eenadee

eenadee morris code necklace lisa lillibridge dakota 1966

Burlington jewelry designer Ina Deane/eenadee makes these incredible necklaces with Morse Code messages. This design says “love you”. What a remarkable way to have someone wear a personal message perhaps only known between the gifter and giftee. I think her work is so innovative & stunning. My instagram photo hardly does this piece justice, but I am so excited to share the design that I couldn’t wait to get another photo taken.

Ina is among the many remarkable German women living in Burlington, Vermont that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. Contact Ina through FACEBOOK and LIKE her page so you can see the updated photos of latest designs.

a little something/Shelburne, Vermont




I created some new styles of pendants and different ways to manipulate the leather. As always, I love to play with color combinations. Creating something interesting out of my scrap—my favorite pastime. Deidre, at “a little something” in Shelburne, Vermont purchased these pendants for her fabulous shop. Here’s a link. Thanks Deidre.

Frida Kahlo’s Wardrobe Unlocked

Lillibridge, Frida Kahlo costume

Here is a photo of my Halloween Costume a few years ago. My husband, Jeff was a gorilla that year. Diego Rivera as a gorilla was the perfect counterpoint for Frida. Thank you Burlington artist, Jude Bond for posting on Facebook today. I just couldn’t resist finding the photo of my costume. My favorite one ever. It was fabulous being Frida for the night.

Great link about her wardrobe. This blog is just fantastic!

These are a few of my favorite $50 things.

AO Glass, Burlington, Vermont
AO Glass, Burlington, VT mod vases Or, stop by their shop on College Street in Burlington, Vermont.

These vases are so modern and perfect in scale. Twelve degrees below zero is a great reason to have a bright, locally produced vase with a few buds adorning your table. Check out the AO glass story:

Eenadee Jewelry, Burlington, Vermont
Ina Deane earrings

Hammered silver nuggets are knotted on chocolate brown linen dangling at the end of a row of glimmering silver discs. $49

These unique earrings are made by local jewelery designer Ina Deane. Check out more of her stunning collection here:

If you’re looking for a gift or something nice for just you these hand-crafted goods offer a few interesting options. Artists always appreciate your comments even if you aren’t shopping. It’s what fuels us to keep creating—really it’s true!

We All Need Editors




Today I prepared for the Vermont Commons School Artisan Show (December 7th 10-4). I couldn’t have done it without my friend Maggie’s editing. I was spinning my wheels and just wanted to keep making more things. We all need good editors. Thank you Maggie!

experimenting with leather


I started playing with ways to make the cords for my pendants be a part of the piece. This doesn’t hit the mark, but it is the start of an idea that I want to play with. I like the idea of more of a lariat style. The scale is off. I’m not wild about the colors. It is too long. I would consider it a good experiment in what I DON’T want it to look like. Back to the drawing board. Oh, how I love process.

Scattered Studio Time This Week


We all have those weeks when our time just doesn’t quite end up the way we envisioned. So, when I only have time for a short day at the studio I work on these pendants and not more involved projects. I do like the sense of completion but I miss the more detailed work of the leather quilting. I think I get a pretty long stretch tomorrow (fingers crossed). So far the calendar is cooperating. I hope in the near future you all get a long stretch of time pursuing something that makes you happy!

Flea Market Sunday

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, nails, staples tele pole

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, defiance, flea market letters

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, flea market beads, cape cod

lillibridge, flea market stars, dakota 1966

Today at the flea market I saw remarkable things. Unfortunately some of them had to go by the wayside because of my cash situation…but remarkable nonetheless. I try to walk away from objects that catch my eye and if it haunts me I reconsider. Seems like a good thing for me and not so good for the vendors trying to unload their goods. I also learned about end of the day glass. I found a beautiful vase in grey and bright yellow. But it didn’t haunt me.
This is a reclaimed wood artist. Very interesting pieces out of palettes and barn boards. I am deciding whether a coffee table he created with an old window on it fits in our living room.

New Pendants



When I cleaned my studio this week I also uncovered these pages I had stacked and bookmarked for inspiration. It is such a gift to discover something that sparked you and still see the relevance though time has passed.

“To feed your Muse, then, you should always have been hungry about life since you were a child. If not, it is a little late to start.”
—Ray Bradbury

Come on, Mr. Bradbury. It is never too late to start. We just have to open our eyes to possibilities no matter our age or situation.