South Dakota. inspired.

This is one of the items in the silent auction at the Billie Sutton Grit for Governor event this Saturday, November 18th, in Burke, South Dakota.  The imagery of road, earth and sky are meant to give a sense of spaciousness like the prairie.  This bag has been sanded, ironed, hammered, painted and sanded again.  I like my work to look a little tattered, worn out and yet, still hanging in there.

I wanted this project to reflect my love of South Dakota and acknowledge the road ahead for the SUTTONforSD team.  This gubernatorial race requires a lot of heart, courage and grit.  I suspect there will be times when everyone is going to be a little tattered…and yet, somehow, still hanging in there.

The road to me is about leaving, coming home, exploring points unknown & so much more.  I never get tired of working with road imagery.  My creative inspiration for this bag came from Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo (who made a lot of her own wardrobe and accessories) and Calamity Jane (who wore a lot of men’s clothing).  These women had a lot of duality and refused to conform to social norms…talk about grit.


Billie Sutton is married to my niece, Kelsea Kenzy Sutton and grew up in my hometown.  He’s currently South Dakota’s State Senate Minority Leader (and the father of my brilliant & hilarious great-nephew, Liam).  This gubernatorial race is one to take notice of, regardless of where you live.  Please take some time to visit their campaign site.  The link is below.

Now, won’t election day 2018 be even more fun now that you’re paying attention to South Dakota Governor’s race? 

Go ahead, share the link, make a donation & really have some skin in the game.


Back In The Studio Again…

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, vine covered studio door

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, studio

Lisa Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, bag from old leather coat

I am so pleased to be getting back into the rhythm (never looks right this word) of things. School started today for my son, Ellis and my twin 8th graders, Lucy and Willa start on Thursday. I love summer, but it is time for us all to go forth and do our respective things.

I did a lot of clean up in my studio last spring and it was instantly motivating to know that soon I get to spend hours and hours there again. I did have to cut some grapevine to be able to enter the space which felt uniquely a little sacred and hidden. A creative oasis of my own.

We are working on the fashion show and I am playing with this bag shape from an old leather coat (with oddly short sleeves) that someone dropped off at my door last spring. I am going to decide on the shape and take it to one of the leather shops to get professionally stitched…a red tulle handle perhaps for the fashion show on September 7th. Hope you have a creative day!