And whose jewelry are you wearing today Ms. Hepburn?

hepburn wearing a  lillibridge dakota 1966 pendant

I am just goofing around when I need to do so many other things. This is my creative expression for the day. I think it looks great on her. What a fashion icon she was. I am working on a lot of different pendant designs over the summer incorporating found objects and maybe even some sea glass. I will post images as I create.

Literally waiting for the paint to dry…

Lillibridge, dakota 1966, leather pendant, spring colors

Today, while waiting on a piece to dry that I was priming I made this pendant. I love these colors together. It makes me hopeful that even though it is very cold (17 degrees) in Vermont today that Spring will indeed come again. Here’s to color!

a little something/Shelburne, Vermont




I created some new styles of pendants and different ways to manipulate the leather. As always, I love to play with color combinations. Creating something interesting out of my scrap—my favorite pastime. Deidre, at “a little something” in Shelburne, Vermont purchased these pendants for her fabulous shop. Here’s a link. Thanks Deidre.

Scattered Studio Time This Week


We all have those weeks when our time just doesn’t quite end up the way we envisioned. So, when I only have time for a short day at the studio I work on these pendants and not more involved projects. I do like the sense of completion but I miss the more detailed work of the leather quilting. I think I get a pretty long stretch tomorrow (fingers crossed). So far the calendar is cooperating. I hope in the near future you all get a long stretch of time pursuing something that makes you happy!

New Pendants



When I cleaned my studio this week I also uncovered these pages I had stacked and bookmarked for inspiration. It is such a gift to discover something that sparked you and still see the relevance though time has passed.

“To feed your Muse, then, you should always have been hungry about life since you were a child. If not, it is a little late to start.”
—Ray Bradbury

Come on, Mr. Bradbury. It is never too late to start. We just have to open our eyes to possibilities no matter our age or situation.