I’ve been thinking about my ego…

lately and basically the more I read the crappier I felt about myself…however there was some hope in what I was reading too.  Einstein helped considerably. Thank you, sir.

ego einstein quoteThe more I protect my lack of knowledge (get defensive, react, don’t listen, dig in my heels) in any given situation the harder I have to work to protect my ego.  When I’m protecting my ego I’m generally talking more than listening as well. Not a great habit.  If I let go and accept things as they ARE instead of how I WISH they were in relation to me—my ego becomes much less fragile or reactive.  This will no doubt be a lifelong practice.  I’m only noticing maybe .00005% of the time now when my ego is acting wounded and subsequently protective, but that leaves a lot of room for growth, right?


When things come up and I start offering my views about how to fix something or what I think someone else should do, my husband reminds me (and I him) to, “put that on the list of things you don’t have to care about”. Sometimes, because he’s a leadership coach, I don’t take kindly to be “coached”, but now that we’ve done this for each other I notice when my EGO is showing up much faster. That ain’t nothing.

“This country’s hard on people, you can’t stop what’s coming, it ain’t all waiting on you. That’s vanity.”  —The character Ellis in the film “No Country For Old Men”

Indeed, it ain’t all waiting on me.

einstein image

The funny thing about writing a blog…

is that I am usually writing as my own pep talk and hoping that something I have to say resonates with someone somewhere. I by no means have all of these amazing themes and techniques for living figured out. I am simply trying. Trying to make meaning. Trying to live my values. Trying to utilize my potential. And when that all seems to big to deal with—a nap, a beer and bad television are my best friends. I have come to realize that actually caring, trying and seeking some awareness of our strengths and weaknesses is a big leap of faith for our own growth and development. It’s a very ziggy zaggy path, but worth the effort every time.

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