My models really did STRUT their stuff.

lisa lillibridge dakota 1966 willa runway strut

willa close up  lillibridge dakota 1966 strut

lillibridge lillian runway dakota 1966 strut

Lillibridge dakota 1966 runway Lucy strut


lisa lillibridge STRUT maggie runway

Lisa Lillibridge maggie close up of bag and skirt

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Photos by Fritz Senftleber of Burlington, Vermont
Thanks Fritz. The photos turned our beautifully.




Yesterday, on a rainy Vermont morning I walked out into my garden with my coffee to see what was blooming. I was surprised to find a nest in the middle of the yard. It was beautiful and tragic at the same time. The nesting material included plastic garbage bags. Although I am a big proponent of using recycled materials, I have felt a little sad every time I look at the nest. I thought the best way to honor the innovative upcycling was to turn the photo into yet another work of art. Here is the print I came up with when I played with the image.

nest print Lillibridge dakota 1966