South Dakota gothic…

I’ve always been drawn to remoteness, old farmhouses and a chill in the air. My recent visit to my childhood home in Burke, South Dakota offered it all up for me. A blizzard, below zero temps and a borrowed four-wheel drive vehicle to venture anywhere I dared.

Around Burke, South Dakota—January 2020

Thank you Willa for being my photographic partner in crime.

Dreaming of flowers


Yesterday: Thought I had the flu.

Today: I am grateful because I think it is just a cold. Now, with a new lease on life I am dreaming of flowers. I am going to snip some branches of apples, magnolias and forsythia and in roughly two weeks I will have blossoms. We all need things to look forward to and when the days start lengthening it seems like the perfect time to force some flowers.

This is a sketch of some unknown flora…so friendly looking, don’t you think?