Madsonian/Museum of Industrial Design

What a charming museum we have in Vermont.  The Madsonian Museum of Industrial Design started by architect, David Sellers is in Waitsfield, Vermont and well worth the trip.  My son is studying Industrial Design at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.  I wish he had been with me yesterday to poke around this charming space.  Everything is so entirely Vermonty too.  There was a lovely and well-informed girl who came in from sitting in the sun when I entered the museum.  It’s a loose, donation museum and you may put one amount in the clear donation box on your way in and another amount on your way out because of the gems you’ve witnessed.  Now, I eat this sort of design up.  It’s one of my passions and what one person might not think a second about keeps me up at night thinking about the shape, color, origin and how it might influence my work.  It took me way to long time to finally visit—but perhaps precisely the right timing.

From the museum’s website:  “David Sellers is an architect and designer living and working in Warren, Vermont.  The Madsonian is the result of his lifelong dream to honor the world’s best in industrial design.  Dave got his start in architecture at Yale University.  He has since been designing and building in Vermont and around the world. Dave has been named one of Architectural Digest’s top 100 architects.”

Here are a few carefully curated items I got to spend some time with yesterday.





1934 DeSoto Airflow Coupe (I was drawn to richness of the interior.)

The DeSoto Airflow was built by the Chrysler for sale through its DeSoto division during model years 1934, 1935 and 1936. 


If you get a chance, it is well worth a visit or at least checking out the website.

3 thoughts on “Madsonian/Museum of Industrial Design

    • Wow, that Museum is really cool. I lived in Australia for a while a long time ago, but I didn’t make it to Tasmania. Thank you for putting MONA on my radar. It gave me some inspiration for a little remodel of my studio today. I need some more organic elements for the direction I am going now.


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