a mug shot collaboration…

This morning my coffee-fueled internet meanderings landed me a famous mugshots site. They’re quite remarkable, raw, and they all seem to just dare you to learn more about the arrests. I’m a true crime junkie.


David Bowie was arrested in Rochester, NY for marijuana possession on March 21st, 1976. He was held for three hours and released on bail. He pleaded guilty and the grand jury later decided to pass on his case. Even his mugshot is classy, of course.

With some regret, I’ve never been arrested. So, with the help of my daughter, Willa Govoni’s photography and highly intuitive stylist skills I now have my very own menopausal mugshots. Perhaps a protest arrest is in my future? #2021goals #resist #goodtrouble

I thought about my characteristics that feel like crimes sometimes. They came to mind quite quickly…judgment, regret, and procrastination.

Willa, you’ve got a good eye kid. Let’s do lunch and discuss more projects.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “a mug shot collaboration…

  1. ooo, love this and these
    esp. the last…
    me: a few hours in a DC jail,
    1985 (internship at Nat. African Museum),
    roadblock – caught driving with expired license
    (had just made a procurement with a handsome non-white individual…
    he placed the procurement under the car as we rolled very slowly toward the block
    and then he departed – left me clean and alone…
    might have gone a different route
    definitely not all it’s cracked up to be like many things in life

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