karmic shadows…

No one can entirely escape their inherited genetics, the often told family stories, or emotional baggage of our ancestors.

Often, the burden of our family karma, or ancestral grief can feel far more like a cumbersome steamer trunk than a convenient carry-on bag. Thankfully, we actually don’t have to drag the damn steamer trunk around for the rest of our lives. Sometimes these are simply stories told through generations, held too closely and past their expiration date of relevance.

Recognizing that I actually had a choice took a very long time. This has provided a certain emotional liberation that I don’t yet entirely understand. However, I do know that I feel much lighter and have freed up some emotional bandwidth for matters in the here and now requiring my heart and energy.

What if today…


we all did something nice-like buy a coffee for a complete stranger? I know this isn’t a novel idea-but it is one we need to periodically be reminded of. My grandfather in rural South Dakota wanted to buy every kid in our small town of Burke an ice cream cone. Simple enough, right? He got such a kick out of the kids that would actually confess that he had indeed bought them an ice cream cone on another occasion. Generosity needs to be modeled for our kids and for ungenerous adults. So, put a deposit in the karmic bank-we all need a little capital for those less than generous times.