avoidance & a creativity fix

When I have a lot of things to do that I’m not very interested in, I escape by creating something.  Anything.  I like what happened when I put off my “should do” list tonight.

A different perspective?  MAYBE?  That would be noble.

Nope, I was just giving my brain a creativity fix.

Vintage shoes, an abandoned farmhouse, South Dakota two-lane, a Vegas sign, urban ruins (Detroit), California fires, summer feet, Lucy & Willa, New Orleans lights, an octopus and an alligator in the Everglades…all provided my muse.  I could while away many more hours making these.

However, I’m going to bed.  I’m optimistic I will actually conquer more of my “should do” list tomorrow—now that my creative bucket (or bottle) has been filled.

different perspectives

I snapped this photo watching “Better Call Saul” the other night.  Our beloved cat, Ms. Karen Lillibridge Govoni is hanging with my husband, Jeff.  When I looked at all of the textures in this image it looked like a renaissance portrait to me.

Rembrandt_Harmensz._van_Rijn_-_Selfportrait_-_Google_Art_Project    lillibridge karen govoni shot portrait

I liked how it was so layered—Karen’s paw hanging, Jeff’s stripey socks, my crow painting, the $10/10-year-old blanket from the airport in Vegas, the industrial lamp and the stack of books (Willa Cather’s My Antonia is the white jacket in the middle).  I took this on my iphone 5S. My family has new iphones and I don’t.  I’m not too bitter about giving up my upgrade, that’s what Moms do, right?  I think I only have to wait until 2019.

When I started playing with this photo in Adobe illustrator I wished that I could shift perspectives on how I see things in the world as easily as I can manipulate them by using design software.

Here’s to new perspectives, folks. 

However you can manifest them in your world.

This is the original shot.

karen govoni shot portrait lisa lillibridge

karen lillibridge govoni in black and white crayonkaren lillibridge govoni portrait watercolor

karen lillibridge govoni blurry wide brush

karen lillibridge govoni textured image

karen lillibridge govoni note paper treatment

karen lillibridge govoni crosshatch

Las Vegas Snapshots

Sorry, I really don’t have anything too unsavory to tell you about my trip.  I was, however given a phone number after a photo of me in a kaftan appeared on a friend’s instagram account.  I am pretty sure that this particular Casanova says flattering things and leaves his phone number for all middle-aged women wearing a kaftan by any pool in Las Vegas so I am not letting it go to my head.  Never underestimate the power of the kaftan though.


Poolside photo by Marita Meinerts


This is what Vegas feels like to me all the time—day and night—exciting & exhausting.


We did spot the ghost of Elvis very late one night. He is alive and well.

What happens in Vegas…

I will probably come home tell you about.  In the city where it’s perpetually Saturday night a lot of photo and story opportunities will present themselves.  I am traveling today with friends and my sister to spend a few days in the desert, see a couple of shows and lounge by the pool.  We are celebrating some big birthdays, a reunion of sorts and an epic upcoming spring wedding.  Have a good weekend folks!

vegas sign illustration lisa lillibridge dakota 1966