is complex thinking “always” smarter?

complex thinking lisa lillibridge

“Complexity is your enemy.  Anybody can make things complicated.  It’s hard to keep things simple”.

                                                                 —Richard Branson

From a article:  “The understanding that complex thinking is not required at all times can significantly help conserve valuable energy. Though major projects and problems may require abstract thinking, day to day life approached in a simple way can help ease stress levels and potentiate energy for the things that matter to you most. Practicing discernment in this area therefore, may prove very beneficial in your progress through burnout.” LINK

Progress is Now—GO!



This is a painting of mine that speaks to my desire to have been a WPA artist in the 1930s. Progress Is Now-GO can apply to a lot of our lives. I am on a quest to simplify and it seems like the world is conspiring against me. Too much information. Too many choices. Too many comparisons. Too much stuff. It takes a very concerted effort to really go against the tide of modern life. Today, with some effort I think I am making some changes. I really just want to hang out with the people I love. I want to make a difference where I can. And I want to make lots of art. PROGRESS is NOW—GO!