south dakota gothic…

I shot these images somewhere northwest of Burke, South Dakota last Saturday. I really want to learn more about the history of this house. If anyone sees this and has more details, please let me know. The starkness and that big South Dakota sky just made me swoon.

I can just imagine the stories of the families that lived there. Work & Rest. Health & Illness. Joy & Heartache. Births & Deaths. Bounty & Scarcity. Warmth and Bone-Chilling Cold.

I hope Elvis can provide…

Elvis,Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, muse

the muse my partner in crime—Maggie Pace and I need for creating our STRUT Fashion Show line this year. Elvis provided some remarkable support last year. So cool, confident and he kept quiet even when things got a little kooky.

Burlington City Arts/User Required Show


Today, my husband and I checked out the “User Required” show at Burlington City Arts. This is a very interesting interactive show and it closes Saturday night. I highly recommend checking it out if you can.