hacking my lacking art education…


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Yesterday I placed Google’s ART MOVEMENTS as the first item on my browser (link below). G going to this site before the news might be better for my soul. As I hack my art education, I’m going to create or curate work(s) in the style & order the movements appear on the site. Continue reading

clearly it’s time…


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my neighborhood at night


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I walked out my back door on this perfect summer (almost) night. I wanted some other shots that were closer to doors and lights, but I didn’t want my neighbors to get creeped out. I could hear voices and silverware … Continue reading

Hey, it’s only 148 days…


I am about to head out to my studio—it is so cold in there. I am grateful I can at least make a cup of tea. I thought I would pull some of my photos of summer to warm my … Continue reading

Genevieve & our 11 minute photo shoot


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Yesterday between meetings and errands I had the pleasure of shooting some photos of my friend, Genevieve. We literally only had 11 minutes before she needed to pick up her daughter at a music class. We shot 33 photos and … Continue reading

Tesla, Leger and Duchamp Oh My…


What a whirlwind of a weekend on the college tour. Here are a few of the highlights. 1) In the office of Michael Glaser who created the Product Design department at Drexel’s Westphal College of Arts and Design is this: … Continue reading

A Ballerina Artist and a Sex Therapist Author


Today while at The Flea Market in Sandwich, Mass with a friend and one of my daughters we met these most interesting women. Toby Kalman studied at The Boston Ballet and makes remarkably beautiful bracelets. Elaine Young is a sex … Continue reading