The importance of CONNECTING


Brene brown lillibridge quote

Her TED talk about VULNERABILITY is just remarkably insightful. I would be thrilled if her talk or books could help you or someone you love in any way. Her premise is that life is better for you and everyone around you if you can be more vulnerable, open up, share and don’t manage your story so closely. This is where we make connections that make our lives better. It isn’t quite that simple but that’s the idea, so here’s a link to her site which gets you to all of her books and videos and training programs, blog and so much more.

The Town Neck Company

town neck black and white with image

Today I’m working on finalizing a design for The Town Neck Company. It’s a small business our kids have run the last few years. We helped them start it to bring attention our much loved rocky, cold, Cape Cod Bay (Massachusetts) barrier beach that’s at risk (and teach them a few things about business). There isn’t much sand left and the erosion from the last few years of devastating storms has caused a lot of damage and breaches. This week we found out that we didn’t get a grant for sand replacement that would’ve bought us some time. The whole town of Sandwich could flood if something isn’t done to nourish our barrier beach. We’ve worked with The Trustees of Sandwich Beaches. This organization has done so much to bring attention to TOWN NECK BEACH.

This is a possibility for a canvas tote bag design that our 14 year old girls and their cousin will be selling this summer. I’m having a little trouble with the intricacy of the design and how the printer can work with the dotted nature of the illustration. It may end up looking nothing like this, but I wanted to share it because it’s what I’ve been spending the most creative energy on the most lately.

Here’s to design, beaches, advocacy, awareness and summer!


a few of my favorite things…

a few of my favorite things

I want to make prints of favorite things and then have fabric printed to create something. This is a quick stab at a print. My cowboy boots. Town Neck Beach. Travel (Italy). Coffee.

There are so many other images to play with. The road. Truck stop cherry pie. Flowers. Family. Pickup trucks. Rain. Books. Art. Tacos. Television. Friends…on and on. Send me a few of your favorite images and I might just make something from your photos. You just never know.

my neighborhood at night


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I walked out my back door on this perfect summer (almost) night. I wanted some other shots that were closer to doors and lights, but I didn’t want my neighbors to get creeped out. I could hear voices and silverware … Continue reading

Happy Dad’s Day


This is one of my favorite photos of fatherhood. This is actually my Dad with my son, Ellis. Every time I see this photo it reminds me of South Dakota Saturdays when I was growing up. A little yard work meant the possibility of getting to drive the back roads to the dump when I was 10 or 11 and maybe an ice cream cone. Not such a bad way to spend a Saturday in exchange for what I would guess was very little labor. Dad, just so you know, I am a much harder worker on my own lawn and garden now. All of those Saturdays weren’t wasted.

Happy Father’s Day!

no project too small for HINGE

garage before lillibridge east corner


1. I had Got Junk come and take loads of crap away. 2. Then my friend, Irene generously helped me paint the wainscotting with the same color as our house. 3. I put the remaining goods back in with some careful editing. 4. And now it pleases me so much that I don’t want to put the cars in the garage. I walk out in the morning and admire the tidiness while I drink my coffee. 5. Now I need to contact Anna Thelemarck and Missa Aloisi at HINGE in Burlington, Vermont and figure out the rest of the project.

I know Anna and Missa at Hinge will have great ideas about how to tackle the rest of my garage with innovative possibilities. If you have a design problem in your home and are not sure where to turn, look no further. Here’s your answer right here in highly creative Burlington, Vermont.


A Rumble in Vermont

birthday Lillibridge Dakota 1966 Godzilla

This Saturday my twin daughters Lucy and Willa turn 14. To celebrate we are going to The Sunset Drive-In in Colchester, Vermont to see Godzilla. Godzilla has no idea what is coming…

Happy Birthday Girls!

Love, Mom

algebra v. geometry

lillibridge geometry or algebra

“Life is a lot more like geometry than algebra.”
Lisa lillibridge February 12th 2014

I found this while cleaning up my desk and files this morning. I guess because my preference has always been geometry that I associate it more with the positive feelings than algebra. But, when I think about it—LIFE has a lot of variables. We are always wondering if X equals Y then what?

However, we also talk in circles, triangulate relationships and find people square. So, I guess life is both a lot like algebra & geometry. Some days seem to have a lot more clarity than others and accepting instead of fighting that fact can maybe make our lives a tiny bit easier.

you can’t make me…

Lisa Lillibridge paradigm shift

A friend subtly let me know (in a middle of the night e-mail) that I can’t make her “shift her paradigm” as my blog often references thematically lately. Funny, I actually had a dream that told me the same thing last night and it involved my sister (Laurie I forgot to tell you about this today on the phone). I guess I better pay attention to what the universe is telling me.