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Florence, Italy

Cork, Ireland

San Francisco, California

Pickstown, South Dakota

Los Angeles, California

new handbag in my VIDA collection


VIDA handbag Lisa Lillibridge

“Enjoy the journey of life and not just the endgame.”

—Benedict Cumberbatch (my hero/Sherlock Holmes on BBC series)

my wearable art

I have a line of scarves and here’s the link to purchase if you are interested.


Here’s a video about VIDA and their mission on the website.



Avila Adobe cir. 1818

candelabra, LA, Lillibridge

This was in the Avila Adobe, the oldest surviving home in Los Angeles. I was so struck by the beauty and simplicity of this candelabra in the dining room. You could just picture family meals and all of the bustling activity in this home. The candle shadows from the flames on the deep adobe walls would’ve been just stunning. The space was so cool and quiet with a lovely central courtyard space filled with citrus trees. The way the home was build felt like a real refuge and protected from the outside world.

Here is a link to information about the Plaza District in LA.

Los Angeles





Here are a few of my photos from LA. It was remarkable to have even a little bit of time in The City of Angels and even more remarkable to come home to a blizzard in Vermont. Seeing dense, saturated color was truly inspiringand I am ready to get to work with this palette.

California umbrella color palette

A few of the things the NYtimes taught me today.

christopher wool, lillibridge
This painting, created in 1988 by artist Christopher Wool titled “Apocalypse Now” is estimated to be worth between 15 and 20 million. What a crazy world we live in. Although, I kind of think the message of the painting is appealing.

katniss sweater, lillibridge
LA knitting designer Maria Dora designed this for Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games). It is meant to show that she has a heart at home but needs to fit into the fashionable world of the Capitol. I would guess a lot of these will be knit after the movie comes out on the 22nd.

Lillibridge, NYtimes, attractive candidates
You think of attractive political candidates as gaining votes by the “halo effect”. It turns out that it might be linked to ancient adaptations for avoiding disease. In districts with high levels of disease and unhealthy populations— healthy, attractive candidate had a much easier time at the ballot box. Interesting huh?

hair on inside, lillibridge
Apparently I’ve been looking like a fool for a very long time wearing my hair on the outside of my necklaces. I feel like such a fashion DON’T. Why didn’t anyone say anything?