getting nostalgic in black & white.

twins lisa lillibridgeMy twin daughters are graduating from high school on Thursday, June 14th at 10am and nostalgia along with a handful of other complex and occasionally irrational emotions are settling into my midlife psyche.  For so long photographing my girls was my muse, something creative I could do all the time.  However, as they got older (and had cameras in their pockets) I photographed them less frequently together.  I have plenty of travel and birthday photos, but I can see now as the years progressed, they increasingly grew into their individuality, less of a unit and I followed their lead.  Now, every photo has to be “approved” which I can understand for a 17-year-old coming-of-age in this era and about to graduate from high school.

Here’s to honoring nostalgia however it surfaces in your life.  I know for me, it’s helping the transition to an empty nest to take a look back.  I’m less anxious that I could’ve been a better mother and prepared them more by seeing these photographs through a slightly different lens.  A pleasant byproduct of middle age wisdom, I suppose.

When my three kids were young, to offer a little grace at the end of those seriously ass-kicking days, I would ask myself:

“Did you love them more than you were pissed off at them today?” 

The answer was always the same.  I can live with that.

girls flipping the bird lisa lillibridge

Scrappy Bird-Lillibridge (22) copy – Version 3

lucy and willa deck bath lisa lillibridge

There are so many photographs to sort through, here are a few of my favorite black & white shots of Lucy and Willa. 

I’ll post my favorite color images next.

Yesterday’s studio work for the fashion show.


My designs are coming together for STRUT—Saturday evening, September 12th at 6:30 an 8:30. If you’re in the Burlington, Vermont area you need to get your tickets soon. These shows sell out pretty quickly.  Here’s the link:

B-team photos part II


Part II

Here is another batch of photos I never took a second look at once they had been downloaded.  They are much better in black and white.  These images just didn’t spark my interest.  I guess this speaks to the singular drive of my creative life—making something out of nothing.





Don’t give up on those B-team photos.


Tonight I was going through photos that I could use as placeholders on a website I was building until we have a chance to shoot what’s needed.  I wanted to find shots that worked editorially together and captured a certain spirit.  As I started searching my eye was drawn to my B-team shots I had written off as—out of focus, too dark or light, too electric, weird crops or just too whatever.  I made them all black and white.  These images about to be tossed got a new life as black and white shots I love. I could do this for days.  I have an entire other series to show you tomorrow. I really must go to bed though.  Goodnight.

willa in italy IMG_1033_2 Photo on 2013-05-10 at 13.09_2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_9234 IMG_9305  IMG_9512_2 photo_2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA